20th Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 20-30, 2023 Globe Cinema

11th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

November 22-26, 2023 Globe Cinema

Doppelgänger Paul

Canada, 2011 : Alberta Premiere
Archives 2012
Special Guest!
In Cinema Globe Cinema
Sat, Apr 21 7:30 PM


What would you do if you received a letter from your doppelgänger? Now, what would you do if you met this so-called doppelgänger and they looked and behaved absolutely nothing like you? This is the situation Paul finds himself in the middle of in the clever absurdist comedy, Doppelgänger Paul.

In what could almost be considered the adorable Canadian cousin of Spike Jonze’s Adaptation, Doppelgänger Paul tells the story of the unlikely relationship of two lonely men whose connection sets off a chain of events resulting in the loss of a thumb, the theft of a manuscript, and two appearances on a popular Vancouver morning talk show.

Doppelgänger Paul (Or A Film About How Much I Hate Myself) is a simple comedy so complex that it required the efforts of two directors, two producers, three editors, two cinematographers and two titles to make. Directed by Dylan Akio Smith and Kris Elgstrand, co-directing for the first time, the award-winning team behind previous TIFF offerings Man Feel Pain (Winner, Short Cuts Canada Award, TIFF 2004), The Cabin Movie (TIFF 2005) and Big Head (TIFF 2009).

Slamdance Film Festival 2012
Toronto International Film Festival 2011

press for Doppelgänger Paul

"Doppelganger Paul will baffl e as many people as it delights, but it’s certainly unique. The Filmmakers were determined to chart their own course, damn the torpedoes, and they have succeeded."
- Toronto Star

screened with a short film

Glue Man

USA, 2012, 7 min Director: Joe Pickett

Nick Douglas is a documentary fi lmmaker’s best friend. He is a ‘professional expert,’ a talking head that can glue any story together.


Narrative / Comedy

81 Minutes

special guest

Director Kris Elgstrand in Attendance!


Kris Elgstrand, Dylan Akio Smith

Kris Elgstrand

Katherine Hazen, Oliver Linsley

Tygh Runyan, Brad Dryborough,
Ben Cotton, Matty Finochio



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