17th Calgary Underground Film Festival

June 22-28, 2020 Streaming Online
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I Blame Society
United States, 2020 : Canadian Premiere
"I BLAME SOCIETY is such a fantastically unique story that is eerily mesmerizing."
- Nightmarish Conjurings
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My Name Is Clitoris
Sweden, 2019
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Uncle Peckerhead
United States, 2020 : International Premiere
"UNCLE PECKERHEAD is a blood-soaked, ghastly good time of a road movie."
- Modern Horrors
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Five Bucks At The Door: The Story Of Crocks N Rolls
Canada, 2020 : World Premiere
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Dead Dicks
Canada, 2019 : Alberta Premiere
"It delivers on the creep factor and keeps us off-balance and intrigued while rooting us in the concerns of its central duo."
- Rue Morgue
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I Used To Go Here
United States, 2020 : Canadian Premiere
"Armed with her funniest material to date and a winning performance from Gillian Jacobs, the filmmaker finds new dimensions for both her work and the millennial ennui that has always inspired it."
- IndieWire
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A Dog's Death
Uruguay, France, Argentina, 2019 : Canadian Premiere
"Equal parts suspenseful, horrifying, pensive and hilarious, A DOG'S DEATH is a top-notch thriller that unravels the absurd and violent consequences of class and racial discrimination."
- Slug Mag
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Big Fur
United States, 2020 : Canadian Premiere
"With moments of deep insight and interesting theories, by the end, BIG FUR has crafted something rather unique. It is a story of man as much as it is myth, and it's a fascinating one."
- Film Inquiry
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Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
United States, 2020 : Canadian Premiere
"A tale of profound authenticity and devastating heartbreak."
- thefilmstage.com
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Climate Of The Hunter
United States, 2019 : Alberta Premiere
"The Hitchcockian tone grounds the eccentricity enough to give CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER an easy-going atmosphere that slowly boils over into a surrealist nightmare."
- Birth.Movies.Death
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United States, 2019 : Alberta Premiere
"The duo's signature narrative ingenuity and ability to spin tension seemingly out of thin air have translated fully intact."
- AV Club
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United States, 2019 : Canadian Premiere
"Wildly entertaining."
- Moveable Fest
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House Of Cardin
United States, France, 2019 : Canadian Premiere
"HOUSE OF CARDIN encapsulates how one man became an empire, one that continues to thrive even as he approaches a century of life on this planet."
- Variety
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Austria, 2019 : Alberta Premiere
"Markovic's NOBADI is a film you'll never forget. It's going to make your head spin and possibly cause you to lose your lunch."
- Film Threat
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Random Acts Of Violence
Canada, 2019 : Canadian Premiere
"A brutal and merciless slasher"
- Bloody Disgusting
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