18th Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 23 - May 2, 2021 Online


CUFFcast takes you a wild ride through the world of weird, underground & fantastic films with the Calgary Underground Film Festival (World's 50 Best Genre Film Festivals 2021 - MovieMaker).

Join Host & CUFF Lead programmer Cameron Macgowan, Producer Rhett Miller and the CUFF team for candid interviews with the twisted brains behind cutting-edge genre cinema. Guests will include a wide range of interesting characters from the rich and diverse genre film community to discuss cinematic history, production adventures, film festivals, physical media, creative inspirations and tips for burgeoning filmmakers!



Ep 2 - CUFF 2021 Special with Nick Prueher and Devereaux Milburn

This month, the lead programmers of the Calgary Underground Film Festival preview the films playing CUFF 2021 (streaming across Alberta from April 23 – May 2), Nick Prueher of Found Footage Festival joins us to chat about his new board game "Dream Crush", Devereaux Milburn discusses the influence of Japanese extreme cinema on his rural horror HONEYDEW, and we speak with CUFF artists Tank Standing Buffalo and Trey Madsen about this year's beautiful festival animation and poster.

0.25 – Intro with Host & CUFF Lead Programmer Cameron Macgowan
1.20 – CUFF 2021 Lineup Discussion with CUFF Lead Programmers Cameron Macgowan, Brennan Tilley and Brenda Lieberman 
34.50 – Interview with Nick Prueher from the Found Footage Festival and the creator of “Dream Crush” 
45.15 – Interview with Trey Madsen and Tank Standing Buffalo about CUFF’s 2021 Festival Animation and Artwork 
57.10 – Interview with Devereux Milburn, Director of the 2021 Off the CUFF Selection HONEYDEW 
1.11.30 – Mail Day with co-host Rhett Miller 
1.20.30 – Outro and Ep. 3 preview

CUFF 2021 Lineup: https://www.calgaryundergroundfilm.org/films
Dream Crush on Mondo: https://mondoshop.com/products/dream-crush
*coming soon to the CUFF Merch Store: https://www.cuffmerch.org
CUFF Poster Gallery: https://www.calgaryundergroundfilm.org/cuff-poster-gallery
Trey Madson’s Artwork on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coolguymadsen/
Tank Standing Buffalo’s Short RKLSS at CUFF 2021:
HONEYDEW VOD release on April 13, 2021: https://darkstarpics.com/honeydew


Ep 1 - Robin Bougie and Steven Kostanski


This month, we discuss the end of an era with Robin Bougie and his highly influential zine Cinema Sewer coming to an end, FX-Wizard Steven Kostanski drops by to drool with us over the PSYCHO GOREMAN blu-ray release and we shine a light on Volunteer Previewers, the true heroes of all film festivals.

Bananarama, “I Heard a Rumour”
0.25 – Intro and What is CUFF with Host & CUFF Lead Programmer Cameron Macgowan 
3.00 – Previewer Report with Jim Evans
Bananarama, “Cruel Summer”
8.45 – Interview with Robin Bougie on end of Cinema Sewer
Bananarama, “Some Girls”
25.15 – Golden Boys Report with Producer Rhett Miller (WICKED WORLD from Barry J. Gillis
28.45 – Interview with Director Steven Kostanski on the blu-ray release of PSYCHO GOREMAN
54.00 – Mail Day 
59.45 – Unobstructed View sponsor shout-out 
1.00 – Outro and Ep. 2 preview 

Cinema Sewer: www.cinemasewer.storenvy.com
Film Rage: www.filmrageyyc.com
Psycho Goreman: twitter.com/psychogoreman
Wicked World: www.vinegarsyndrome.com/products/wicked-world-agfa


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