20th Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 20-30, 2023 Globe Cinema

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November 22-26, 2023 Globe Cinema

Nuit #1 (One Night Stand)

Canada, 2011 : Alberta Premiere
Archives 2012
Nuit (One Night Stand)
In Cinema Globe Cinema
Fri, Apr 20 9:30 PM


Clara and Nikolaï meet at a rave. They return to Nicolaï’s apartment and engage in 12 minutes of real-time, unsimulated intercourse. Afterwards, instead of parting, the two lovers divulge their deepest secrets to one another. Nicolaï is a beautiful loser, leading a simple and frugal life. He envisions big projects and has grand ideas but inevitably loses sight of them before they are realized.

Clara, like Nikolaï, seems not to be made for this world. She leads a double life: teaching third grade by day and by night a compulsive party-girl who goes out every night, gets drunk and high and sleeps with everyone she can.

An exploration of sex, intimacy and love, this is a film about despair, individualism and the anxieties of belonging. It exposes the potential of even the most fleeting encounters.

Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2011
Toronto International Film Festival 2011
Vancouver International Film Festival 2011
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2012

press for Nuit #1 (One Night Stand)

"Storoge and«de Léan«command attention while conveying a diverse and constantly shifting array of emotions...their interaction - both verbal and physical - is credibly charged with alternating currents of fear and desire, cynicism and longing."
- Variety


Narrative / Romance / Erotic

French with English Subtitles


Anne Émond

Nancy Grant

Catherine de Léan,
Dimitri Stroroge



Genie Award, Claude Jutra Award Anne Émond 2012
Best Canadian Feature, Vancouver International Film Festival 2011

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