22nd Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 17-27, 2025

12th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

November 20-24, 2024

Kim's Video

United States, France, United Kingdom, 2023: 80 minutes: Canadian Premiere
Archives 2023
Special Guest!
In Cinema Globe Cinema
Tue, Apr 25 7:00 PM Buy


KIM'S VIDEO follows modern-day cinephile and filmmaker, David Redmon, on a seemingly quixotic quest to track down the whereabouts of the massive video collection of the nowdefunct Kim’s Video, an iconic NYC video rental store with more than 55,000 beloved and rare movies.

Playing with the forms and tropes of cinema, David’s bizarre and increasingly obsessive quest takes him to Sicily, where he becomes entangled in a web of local politics, and to South Korea, where he tracks down the enigmatic Mr. Kim in the hope of influencing the collection’s future. An ode to the love of cinema, this film will strike a chord with anyone who has ever rented a movie.

Sundance 2023

Filmmaking duo David Redmon and Ashley Sabin together produce, direct, photograph, and edit documentaries that have screened in festivals, theaters, and on televisions worldwide. They are currently planning their next adventures in filmmaking, fully understanding their plans never pan out as expected.

press for Kim's Video

"A story that plays out like a low-budget caper, replete with corruption, slippery personalities, missing cash and one actual robbery."
- Hollywood Reporter
"A rollicking tale of the inextricable bonds between life and art, and the value of ensuring that the latter remains preserved for future generations."
- The Daily Beast

screened with a short film


Butchy'S Big Pitch


Documentary / Woman Director

80 minutes

special guest

Nick Prueher (from the Found Footage Festival), and director of the preceding short film, will be doing an in-person Q&A


Ashley Sabin
David Redmon

Executive Producers
Mandy Chang
Angela Neillis
Bernie Kay

Ashley Sabin
David Redmon
Dale Smith
Deborah Smith
Rebecca Tabasky
Francesco Galavotti

Ashley Sabin
David Redmon

David Redmon

Isabel Gillies
Robert Greene
Eric Hynes
Yong-Man Kim


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