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Satanic Hispanics

United States, 2022: 113 minutes: Alberta Premiere
Archives 2023
Special Guest!
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An anthology of 5 short films from some of the leading Latin filmmakers in the horror genre, spotlighting Hispanic talent both in front and behind the camera.

When police raid a house in El Paso, they find it full of dead Latinos, and only one survivor. He’s known as The Traveler, and when they take him to the station for questioning, he tells them those lands are full of magic and talks about the horrors he’s encountered in his long time on this earth, about portals to other worlds, mythical creatures, demons and the undead.

Fantastic Fest 2022

Director Mike Mendez was in the backyard making movies at the age of 10. At the age of 22, Mike made his first feature film KILLERS, which was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. He followed that up with the horror comedy THE CONVENT, which was also accepted into the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. Since then he has directed eight other feature films such as THE GRAVEDANCERS (2006), BIG ASS SPIDER (2013). DON'T KILL IT (2017) and TALES OF HALLOWEEN which he also served as a producer on. Mike has also written for television shows such as STAN AGAINST EVIL on IFC and has edited feature films such as BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD DO THE UNIVERSE. He is currently the editor on the BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD series on Paramount+.

Alejandro Brugues burst onto the scene after he wrote and directed JUAN OF THE DEAD, which won the Goya Award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film, and has since been an up-and coming name in the horror space. Following that film, he directed standout pieces in the ABC’S OF DEATH 2 and NIGHTMARE CINEMA. He directed the Florida episode of Sam Raimi’s Quibi series 50 STATES OF FRIGHT and directed POOKA LIVES! For the INTO THE DARK series for Hulu and Blumhouse. His movie THE INHERITANCE for Netflix will be released later this year.

Demian Rugna was born in Haedo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1979. He is a screenwriter and director specializing in fantastic cinema. He studied acting in IUNA, under Martín Salazar (Macocos), Andrea Garrote, Jeremy James (“Theatre du Soleil”) and Nahuel Cano, among others. He has directed 5 feature films: THE LAST GETAWAY, CURSED BASTARDS, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO, TERRIFIED and WHEN EVIL LURKS.

Gigi Saul Guerrero, Mexican filmmaker and actress, and part of the current wave of Latinx filmmakers, as recognized by Variety in 2019, got a first look deal with Blumhouse Productions after her award-winning featured but Culture Shock, which took home Best Primetime Movie at the Imagen Awards. Her other credits include BINGO HELL on Amazon Prime and THE PURGE series. She is also an accomplished voice actor with lead roles in SUPER MONSTERS, SUPERNATURAL ACADEMY and recent success ANGRY BIRDS: SUMMER MADNESS. Best known for her work in the genre space, Guerrero created and directed the breakout horror short, EL GIGANTE, and is the co-founder of Luchagore Productions which focuses on genre content with a Latinx element.

Eduardo Sanchez was born in Cuba in 1968. He studied television at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD, and film at the University of Central Florida in 1994. It was at UCF where Eduardo met his Haxan Films partners and in 1998 he co-wrote and co-directed the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. He directed various indie features before moving into television, directing such shows as SUPERNATURAL, LUCIFER, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, and the first four episodes of the Glen Morgan (THE X-FILES) BBC America series, INTRUDERS. He was the Producing Director on Season 4 of the USA series QUEEN OF THE SOUTH and recently worked on Ryan Murphy’s AMERICAN HORROR STORIES and the season 1 finale of YELLOWJACKETS.

press for Satanic Hispanics

"A horror anthology that celebrates Hispanic heritage and produces an eclectic mix of tales that take bold, diverse swings. That variation provides a strange yet captivating journey."
- Bloody Disgusting
"A gattdamn hoot and gold-star anthology. It's genuinely scary when it needs to be and packed wall-to-wall with goofy gags."
- Nightmare on Film Street


Narrative / Horror

113 minutes

special guest

Director, Producer Mike Mendez in attendance for Q&A


Mike Mendez
Demian Rugna
Eduardo Sanchez
Gigi Saul Guerrero
Alejandro Brugues

Patrick Ewald
Mike Mendez
Alejandro Brugues

Alejandro Mendez
Demian Rugna
Pete Barnstrom
Shadan Saul
Raynor Shima
Lino K. Villa

Luke Bramley
Matthias Schubert

Efren Ramirez
Greg Grunberg
Jonah Ray Rodrigues
Jacob Vargas
Hemky Madera
Patricia Velasquez
Demian Salomon
Luis Machin
Ari Gallegos


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