22nd Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 17-27, 2025

12th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

November 20-24, 2024

Thunder: The Life & Death Of Arturo Gatti

Canada, 2023: 190 minutes: World Premiere
Archives 2023
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Montreal boxer, and world champion Arturo Gatti, was a legend in his time, but his mysterious death has remained suspiciously unresolved for years. This documentary series from Calgary director Guillaume Carlier explores forensic evidence that has been overlooked, and uncovers a new narrative about Arturo that will change everything.

Arturo Gatti’s name still echoes in the streets of Montréal. For many, his name represents the glory of modern boxing. But for others, he is a reminder of a murder gone unpunished. Officially, Arturo’s death was ruled as a suicide: he was found allegedly hung by the purse strap of his wife, Amanda Rodrigues. More than 10 years later, the cloud of murder still hangs over the story. This documentary series explores the bizarre circumstances of Arturo’s death in Brazil: an adjusted will, allegations of suicidal behavior, and inconsistent autopsy reports. Arturo's story touches on boxing, mental health, the dark side of the established press, and presents new information that the public has not yet seen.

Guillaume Carlier was born in Montréal, raised in Calgary, then educated in Montréal. He first discovered filmmaking at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, and began making short films and documentaries. After his first documentary CALGARY, UGLY, premiered at CIFF, Guillaume went on to work for broadcasters such as Unis TV, CBC, and Radio Canada. In 2018 he, Nicola Waugh, and Gillian McKercher founded Kino Sum Productions. They have since gone on to produce, shoot, and direct three feature films and two more TV documentaries. Guillaume’s first feature film EVERYBODY ALTOGETHER NOW (2022) is an experimental series of vignettes about various odd characters in Calgary. THUNDER: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ARTURO GATTI (2023) is his latest project, an epic three-part true crime series about the famous boxer.


Documentary / Crime / Sport

190 minutes

special guest

Director Guillaume Carlier and producers in attendance for Q&A


Guillaume Carlier

Guillaume Carlier
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