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April 18-28, 2024 Globe Cinema

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November 20-24, 2024 Globe Cinema

Live Script Reading: Little Friggers

Canada, 2024: 110 minutes
In Cinema Globe Cinema
April 27 1:00 PM Buy
Special Guest!
In Cinema Globe Cinema
Sat, Apr 27 1:00 PM Buy


Join a cast of actors for a live script reading of the upcoming feature-length sci-fi creature comedy LITTLE FRIGGERS, featuring the most foul-mouthed aliens in the galaxy trying to save humanity in a town that’s outlawed swearing.

This is a FREE event, open to the public, and a great opportunity to experience a film in the early stages of development. There will be a Q&A following the reading and the production team is open to script feedback.

Ten year-old Riley lives in the sleepy, swear-free town of Bonner's Butte, and she has just joined the Anti-Swear Squad, a volunteer school patrol that protects the town from foul language. But when Riley learns her favourite teacher has been cussing up a storm, she discovers an intergalactic parasite has invaded the town and no one is safe. Just when she seems powerless to stop the invaders from enslaving the human race, she’s visited by some pint-sized catlike extraterrestrials called the Fucknoids, who bring advanced weaponry, fearless attitudes, and the foulest mouths anyone’s ever heard. In a Technicolor battle for the ages, Riley and the Friggers must convince the people of Bonner’s Butte that swearing is caring if they have any hope of saving the town with a Power Rangers-style weapon that’s the last line of defense against the interstellar horror.

Writer Braden Brickner is a filmmaker from Whitehorse and a graduate from SAIT’s Film and Video Production Program as well as York University’s BFA Screenwriting Program. In 2014, Braden adapted the world-famous poem by Robert W. Service, "The Shooting of Dan McGrew," as a short film which has since screened throughout North America. Braden also co-wrote and co- produced the Telus-funded series THE PSYBORGS and is currently adapting Canadian comic series WOLF HANDS into a feature film.


Sci-Fi / Comedy / Live Event

There will be a 20 minute Q&A after the reading
110 minutes

special guest

Screenwriter, director, producers and actors all part of the live reading event!


David Hiatt

Anna Cooley
Dave Alexander
David Hiatt

Braden Brickner