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Loch Ness: They Created A Monster

Ireland, United Kingdom, 2023: 91 minutes: North American Premiere
Archives 2024
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A fresh take on Scotland’s most famous story – the unbelievable story behind the unbelievable story of the search for the Loch Ness Monster.

Rumours and sightings of a dinosaur-like creature had persisted at the Loch for decades, and the 1970s saw a frenzy of Monster Hunting. From Japan, the US, and across the world, World War 2 veterans, mad scientists, and hippies were drawn to a remote lake in the highlands of Scotland competing in a search for what they passionately believed would be the Natural History Discovery of the Century. But the deeper they looked, the darker it got. Monster egos, fakes and frustrations, rivalries, and ridicule mean that Loch Ness quickly became home to a very different type of monster.

Sitges Film Festival 2023
Berlinale 2024

For over 20 years, John MacLaverty has been directing stories from, and usually about, Scotland. In that time, he's covered the subjects close to his heart – football, music, politics, travel – adding wit and stylistic flair when telling of the tale. Enroute he's pocketed three Scottish Baftas, two RTS awards and critical acclaim. His work has appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and has been distributed internationally. LOCH NESS: THEY CREATED A MONSTER is his first feature documentary, and bears the same characteristic warmth and wit of earlier work. Alongside his partner, he now runs Indelible Telly, a small production company based in Glasgow.

press for Loch Ness: They Created A Monster

"Here’s one for Nessie enthusiasts and cryptozoologists everywhere: a documentary about the monster-hunting frenzy at Loch Ness in the 1970s and 80s."
- Guardian
"With knife threats, a Molotov cocktail and a mysterious disappearance all coming into the picture, there’s plenty to reassure viewers of the old adage that man is the real monster."
- Eye for Film



91 minutes


John MacLaverty

John Archer

John MacLaverty

Carlo D'Alessandro
Stephen Gourlay
Sarah Howitt

Francis Macdonald