8th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

Nov 25 – Dec 1, 2020 Online

Closed Captioning

This year's online festival format allows us to be more accessible, especially to those in the hearing impaired community. We have tried to ensure that as many films as possible have Closed Captioning or English Subtitles. Please note that closed captions can be turned on or off while streaming the film. For more information on each film and to purchase tickets, please visit the individual film page. We're adding more films to this list, so check back for updates.

A Dog's Death (English Subtitles)
After a dog surgery goes wrong, a near-retirement bourgeois couple is dragged from paranoia to violence in this sharp satire.

Big Fur (CC)
If world champion taxidermist Ken Walker can’t find Bigfoot, he’ll make one.

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (CC)
In the shadows of the bright lights of Las Vegas, it's last call for a beloved dive bar known as the Roaring 20s.

Dead Dicks (CC)
After Becca receives a distressing call from her suicidal brother Richie, she rushes over to his apartment and finds him alive and well, surrounded by copies of his own dead body.

Climate of the Hunter (CC)
A pair of ageing sisters living in a secluded cabin compete for the affection of an enigmatic man from their past who has just re-entered their lives, and might just be a vampire. 

Crazy World (English Subtitles)
The latest Wakaliwood release, CRAZY WORLD is a violent action-packed Ugandan film about a gang of child-snatching mobsters.

Five Bucks at The Door: The Story of Crocks and Rolls (CC)
The history of how a bar in the middle of nowhere Thunder Bay, Ontario put Canadian music on the map.

Homewrecker (CC)
Two women befriend each other, but one becomes obsessed with the other in this pop-horror-satire.

House Of Cardin (English Subtitles)
A rare peek into the mind of a man many call a genius, this authorized documentary chronicles the life of design icon Pierre Cardin.

I Blame Society (CC)
A struggling filmmaker determined to prove to her talents decides to finish her once abandoned film – and commit the perfect murder.

I Used to Go Here (CC)
A 30-something writer Kate (Gillian Jacobs) returns to her alma mater where she falls back into old habits.

My Name Is Clitoris (English Subtitles)
Twelve young women aged 20 to 25 tell the story of their sexuality since childhood.

Narrowsburg (CC)
This documentary tells the stranger-than-fiction story of a French film producer and her mafioso-turned-actor husband who attempt to turn a small American town into the "Sundance of the East."

Nobadi (English Subtitles)
A suspenseful story about a 91-year-old man and a young migrant from Afghanistan, that the stubborn old man enlists to help bury his dog.

This Film Should Not Exist (CC)
A music documentary presented by Sled Island about the 1990s garage rock band Country Teasers.

Uncle Peckerhead (CC)
When a punk-rock band finds themselves on their first tour with a man-eating hillbilly for a roadie, "gig life" is paved with nightmares and half-eaten bodies.

We Are Little Zombies (English Subtitles)
With no family, no future, no dreams, and no way to move forward, four teenage Japanese orphans start a band, and then conquer the world.

Yummy (English Subtitles)
An outbreak of a virus changes doctors, patients and a young man's mother-in-law into bloodthirsty zombies.

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