20th Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 20-30, 2023 Globe Cinema

11th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

November 22-26, 2023 Globe Cinema

Cliff: A Portrait Of An Artist

Canada, 2021 : Canadian Premiere
Archives 2021
In Cinema Globe Cinema
Sun, Nov 28 11:00 AM Buy
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Available to watch November 24-28


A documentary-portrait of one of Winnipeg’s most successful visual artists, Cliff Eyland who, with only months to live, received a double-lung transplant and a new lease on life.

Cliff calls the year since his surgery an afterlife, even though he is precious about nothing. In fact his Zenfullness often borders on the lackadaisical. He spends every day in his studio, making art, and doling out his recently amassed wealth to less fortunate artists, because “Hey, you can’t take it with you.” A man who has been on every side of the art scene (writer, professor, curator, artist, model), Cliff sees the absurdity of it all very clearly. CLIFF: A PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST is an effort to understand how a man could slide, smiling into the Abyss, through 100 biopsies, 10,000 pills, and somehow reconcile his Artist’s ego with his complete coolness about mortality.

Chattanooga Film Festival 2021

Co-founder of Astron-6, Adam Brooks co-directed the feature films FATHER'S DAY (2011), and THE EDITOR (2014), as well as the short film CHOWBOYS (2018) before making his first documentary, CLIFF: PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST (2021).

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press for Cliff: A Portrait Of An Artist

"An extremely personal and emotional look at the life of Canadian artist Cliff Eyland ... do yourself a favor and make sure you seek out this film."
- Void Video

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Documentary / Animation

49 minutes


Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks

Cliff Eyland
Guy Maddin

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