20th Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 20-30, 2023 Globe Cinema

11th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

November 22-26, 2023 Globe Cinema

Shorts Package: Life Is What You Make It

Canada, Sweden, U.K, France, 2020 / 2021
Archives 2021
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Available to watch November 24-28


This package of short documentaries tells stories of how people shape their futures and the world around them.  

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Shorts screened:


The O Show

Canada, 2021, 20 min, Director Sharad Khare

An intimate look into the life of Vancouver-based Afro-Indigenous, Two-Spirited leader DJ O Show, who uses her musical talents to give voice to important issues.

Excluded By Design

Canada, 2021, 4 min, Directors Simon Madore & Gabriel Tougas

Writer and community organizer Dave Meslin thinks that bad public notices are hurting our democracy – and he’s calling on graphic designers to show us what we’re missing.

Racing Stock

United Kingdom, 2020, 17 min, Director Patrick Steel

15-year-old Taylor Borthwick is a third-generation stock car racer, and winner of the Ministox Scottish National Championship. Racing is her life, but as she turns 16, she ponders if she has what it takes to continue with this dangerous sport.

Svonni Vs The Swedish Tax Agency

Sweden, 2020, 5 min, Director Maria Fredriksson

A Sámi woman tries to convince the Swedish Tax Agency that she has the right to make a tax deduction for the purchase of a dog.

Forgive Me Father

Canada (Alberta), 2020, 11 min, Director Kyle Fisher

Growing up in a close-knit Mormon community of Claresholm, Alberta, Justin Erickson discusses the guilt and shame he felt for being queer, and how he overcame the mental toll this took on him.

Militant Mother

Canada, 2021, 8 min, Director Carmen Pollard

To get to class on time, children from Vancouver's largest social housing project were forced to jump shunting train cars that stood in their path. After months of advocating for a safe crossing, 25 mothers made their voices heard by blocking CN rail from delivering goods.


France, 2021, 19 min, Director Nicolas Gourault

A sensory investigation about the role of human workers in the training of self-driving cars.

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