April 7-13, 2014
The Globe Cinema, Calgary

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12 Saturday
Calgary Underground Film Festival presents a 3-hour trip down memory lane with a tribute to the eye-popping, brain-addling Saturday morning cartoons of yore, complete with a smorgasbord of sugary cereals.
1:45PM : 125 Minutes & 114 Minutes JODOROWSKY RETROSPECTIVE (DOUBLE BILL) - El Topo & The Holy Mountain
A Double Feature of Jodorowsky's iconic El Topo and The Holy Mountain.
2:30PM : 74 minutes Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory
As dementia continues to affect millions of elderly Americans, Alive Inside reveals a remarkable, music-based breakthrough that has already transformed lives.
special guest
4:30PM : 102 Minutes People are Strange
Here you will find a fun/strange/hilarious mixture of short films from around the world, in a variety of genres!
special guest
7:00PM : 80 Minutes The Husband
Canadain filmmaking icon Bruce McDonald returns to the big screen with The Husband; an emotionally wrenching familial drama dealing with McDonald's recurring twin themes of love and heartbreak.
7:30PM : 92 Minutes The Machine
A future UK is deadlocked in cold war with China as the two await action from either side.
9:15PM : 95 Minutes The Sacrament
The latest from Ti West (THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, V/H/S), THE SACRAMENT follows a group of journalists shooting a doc about a man’s attempt to locate his missing sister.
9:45PM : 125 Minutes Mood Indigo
Mood Indigo is a true return to form for the Michel Gondry, exploring the surreal landscape of emotion and imagination along the lines of his classics The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
11:59PM : 95 Minutes Late Phases
When deadly beasts attack from the forest, it is up to a grizzled veteran to uncover what the residents of a secluded retirement community are hiding.
13 Sunday
1:00PM : 91 Minutes We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
First-time feature directors Simon and Zeke Hawkins tip their hat to pulp crime master Jim Thompson in this tight, twisty, Texas-set nouveau noir about three teenage friends who get in way over their head when they cross a down-home crime syndicate.
1:30PM : 102 Minutes We Are The Best (VI ÄR BÄST!)
Bobo, Klara and Hedvig are three 13-year-old girls trying to survive adolescence in early 80s Stockholm. Like all alienated teenagers, they’re equal parts brave, frustrated, angry and strange.
special guest
Please join us for the 8th Annual CUFF 48-Hour Movie Making Challenge completed shorts showcase!
3:45PM : 126 Minutes Why Don't You Play in Hell (JIGOKU DE NAZE WARUI)
Ten years ago, the Kitagawa yakuza clan attacked the Muto yakuza clan at Muto’s own home, only to have Muto’s wife fight back.
7:00PM : 89 Minutes For No Good Reason
Best known for the highly distinctive illustrations he produced, Ralph Steadman is the fascinating subject of this fun and insightful documentry - framed around a studio visit from Johnny Depp
7:30PM : 102 Minutes The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears
From the directors of AMER comes this gorgeous and lurid homage to masters of classic Italian Giallo horror.
9:15PM : 109 Minutes Wetlands
Helen (Carla Juri) is a super-sexually-charged young woman, prone to frequent and frenetic bouts of masturbating (aided by assorted vegetables) and a fixation on her anus that would make Freud proud.
9:45PM : 90 Minutes Doomsdays
A pre-apocalyptic comedy, Doomsdays follows the misadventures of Dirty Fred and Bruho, a pair of free-wheeling squatters with a taste for unoccupied vacation homes in the Catskills.