April 13-19, 2015 The Globe Cinema, Calgary

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18 Saturday
10:00AM : 180 Minutes Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon Party!
A three-hour trip down memory lane with a tribute to the eye-popping, brain-addling Saturday morning cartoons of yore, complete with a smorgasbord of sugary cereals.
1:30PM : 90 Minutes The Yes Men are Revolting
Comedy troupe The Yes Men stage phony events and press releases in an effort to bring attention to environmental dangers and corporate greed.
special guest
1:45PM : 87 Minutes Cronenberg Retrospective: VIDEODROME
A sleazy cable-TV programmer begins to see his life and the future of media spin out of control in a very unusual fashion when he acquires a new kind of programming for his station.
special guest
3:45PM : 96 minutes Cronenberg Retrospective: THE FLY
This hypnotic and grotesque masterpiece explores the amorphous region between media and the body.
A fun/strange/hilarious mixture of short films from around the world and in a variety of genres.
special guest
6:45PM : 93 Minutes Resurrection of Jake the Snake
The story of the legendary wrestler's struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse.
7:15PM : 106 minutes The Duke of Burgundy
A woman who studies butterflies and moths tests the limits of her relationship with her lover.
special guest
9:30PM : 84 Minutes I Am Thor
Follow the decade-long comeback of Jon Mikl Thor, a bodybuilding, steel bending, brick smashing rock star in the ‘70s and '80s.
special guest
9:45PM : 91 Minutes Night Owls
What starts as a one-night stand takes an unexpected turn when Kevin discovers that the girl he went home with is the spurned lover of his boss.
special guest
THOR live in concert with Outlaws of Ravenhurt & Ultimate Power Duo at The Palomino.
11:59PM : 83 Minutes I Am A Knife With Legs
An unconventional and hilarious story about an international Europop star and his troubles.
19 Sunday
10:30AM : 94 Minutes Peanut Butter Solution
A seminal Canadian cult family film about a young boy who goes bald from fright when he witnesses something horrible inside a decrepit old house.
special guest
12:30PM : 86 Minutes Bloodsucking Bastards
An office comedy horror about work, relationships and vampires.
1:15PM : 103 Minutes The Look of Silence
The companion film to the revolutionary and controversial documentary THE ACT OF KILLING.
special guest
3:00PM : 180 min 48-Hour Movie Making Challenge
The 9th Annual CUFF 48-Hour Movie Making Challenge completed shorts showcase!
3:30PM : 170 Minutes Hard To Be A God
Set on a planet stuck in the Dark Ages, HARD TO BE A GOD depicts a black and white world filled with violence, filth and crudeness, standing in as a metaphor for our own times.
special guest
7:00PM : 91 Minutes Night Owls
What starts as a one-night stand takes an unexpected turn when Kevin discovers that the girl he went home with is the spurned lover of his boss.
7:30PM : 90 Minutes Cronenberg Retrospective: THE BROOD
A man tries to uncover an unconventional psychologist's therapy techniques on his institutionalized wife, while a series of brutal attacks committed by a brood of mutant children coincides with the husband's investigation.
9:15PM : 93 Minutes The Salvation
In 1870s America, a peaceful American settler kills his family's murderer which unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader.
9:30PM : 103 minutes Cronenberg Retrospective: SCANNERS
A scientist sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him.